a__n__g__i__e (a__n__g__i__e) wrote in veggiecouture,

Hello neighbors.

I hope this post is okay. I just really need some help.

I am conducting a survey in an effort to get my mom to get rid of some of her clothes.

They are taking over the garage and you can hardly walk in her room. If I have proof that it's not normal, and she doesn't NEED to have a turtle neck of every color and print, it would be VERY helpful.

So, I think this COULD be fun... I'd like the ladies to maybe count how many clothing articles they have and how many pairs of shoes. If you want to be specific (certain number of tops/bottoms/dresses, or even go into tank tops, short sleeve, shorts, skirts etc) that would be awesome, but you don't have to. Heck you could even do belts of you want.. she's got too many of those as well!

Thank you so very much, you have no idea how helpful this will be!

Also, if you have any advice of things to say to her when she's trying to buy something ugly and pointless, I'd love it. I am trying to play the whole "but these flip flops aren't even nice, you have such nicer ones already, why not wear the nice ones?".. she's not getting it though :o(

Thanks Thanks Thanks!
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