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Shoes and Bags

Steve Madden has a line of shoes called SM New York, which is all manmade. Alternative Outfitters carries a few styles. Google SM New York and you'll get quite a few hits. There are some very cute styles including Louboutin-style knockoffs, which I purchased. They look good and seem fairly well-made. If you buy them from Zappos, understand that they don't have it entirely together as far as veg and non-veg shoes go. They don't list any SM New York styles in their veg section, but trust me...they are veg. Zappos and 2 or 3 other online shoe merchants have free shipping and free return shipping.

A line of vegan designer handbags designed and constructed in Seattle: I bought the Monarch Hobo and it is VERY good quality, a bag I will have for a long time.

Though from a previous Matt & Nat collection, the Boston bag can be found on Ebay fairly easily. It is a similar style to those I've seen in several fashion magazines lately for Spring.


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