Amy (secretagentglam) wrote in veggiecouture,

Vegan Makeup news

Just got this in my email an I am overjoyed....... is now vegan friendly. They have a purple pawprint symbol by all of their vegan products. "Urban Decay is, and has always been, a cruelty-free company. You'll notice that every box bears our cruelty-free credo: 'We don't do animal testing. How could anyone?'. We're happy to announce that UrbanDecay now has a "Marley Approved Symbol to identify vegan products on our website. If you see Marley's purple paw print next to a product, Urban Decay Certifies that it is a vegan product. We hope this will make shopping easier and more fun for our vegan friends." I took a quick gander and was surprised that many of their eyeshadows, lipglosses and eyeliner pencils are vegan. They also have a new foundation out which is a mineral powder (kinda like bare essencials) and all of those are vegan.

Speaking of Bare Essencials, according to a few websites that entire line is vegan and non-animal tested also. I know the infomercials can be kinda scary, but if you have a Sephora in your area go in and check out the B/E eyeshadows. They've got a lot of awesome colors and many of their shadows are very shimmery and bright.
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