your friendly neighborhood supercarrot (supercarrot) wrote in veggiecouture,
your friendly neighborhood supercarrot

i am now overlord of this community.

:-) so hopefully no more spam. (if anyone even still watches this community. shout out?)

as of today, new members will be put on moderated submission. (all existing members are free to post as non-criminals. n00bs, please save both of our collective time and don't post ads and referrals. k?)

seeing as this is an extremely rarely posted-to community, i doubt there would be a problem with the moderation for n00bs.

now on to the meat (get it?) of the post:

anyone looking for makeup advice, there is a separate community for makeup. veganmakeup

looking for cooking advice? yeah, there's one for that too. vegancooking (read the guidelines on the info page, as that community is very structured. like a cookbook.) have just a photo and don't want to talk about how you made it or maybe it's from a restaurant? yep. you got it, veganfoodpics

everything else: veganpeople or veganism (they both have very different vibes. veganism is made up mostly of the newer vegans, and veganpeople is made up mostly of the experienced vegans. there is also a stronger animal rights vibe to veganpeople if that's your thing.)

visit the information pages of vegpromo and vegantravel for gigantoid lists of all of the vegan communities on livejournal. (vegantravel for a list of all regional communities, and promo for all other.)

thanks, and we now resume with your community in progress.
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